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An innovative manufacturing process developed by Cordalpes
Technical features:

Wooden rungs of diameter 32 mm, length 40 cm,
2 ropes Polyester plaited with center core,
spacing between two rungs: 33 cm,

Rope ladders

sewn loop under thermoretractable sheath

On the lower extremity: the two ropes are joined by a sewing under thermoretractable sheath,
On the upper extremity: on each rope, sewn loop under thermoretractable sheath with metallic ring or crab,
The first rung is at 60 cmof the loop,
Weight of a yard of ladder: about 1 KG.


Principle of manufacturing:

The rungs are inserted in the rope as fast as it is twisted, which offers an excellent sturdiness.

Detail of manufacturing

Rope ladders

Domains of use:  

In industrial environment: difficult accesses - security, draining and emergency systems
Leisure and adventure parks,

Carreful: the rope ladder do not belong to E.P.I. Think security!
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Manufactured products

Regular stock
in 10 meters and 20 meters of length.

Any kind of size is available: quick delay.
To order, making of ladders with Polyamide, PVC, aluminum rungs.

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