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Products manufactured with cordage
The technique to make splices, knots and sleeves
Lifting sling,
Security ropes,
Cordage for firemen (controls - mooring - rope cordage - faubert - strap for washing),
Rope with invisible splice for ski tow in ski resorts,
Climbing net in cordage or steel reinforced rope.

Products manufacture with braids and halyards
Braiding mastery
Line-guide for firemen: a braid in aramide coated with a braid made of no-fire fiber, moldings made of silicone indicating where to go along,
Twisted horse-riding tether with crab fitted during the manufacturing,
Rope ladder with rungs fitted when plaiting the rope.

Products manufactured with nets
Knot, seam and boltrope techniques
Safety net doubled with rubble screen. Shape cutout for nave of church for example,
Reservefire basin protective net with rope, adjusting pieces and stretchers fitting,
Salting tubular net for synchronous automatic pushing with collagenic narrow pipes.

Manufactured products: strings and cords
Cut at any length
Pieces cut for saltings, fruit productions, toys and leisures, bags, making and industry.
Cordages range
Halyards range
Nets range
Rope ladders
Strings and cords

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